How To Find Free Books For Kids Online

Reading has, and will always be a good habit. Ebooks are getting more popular as more and more people prefer them over walking into a library or a store to get a physical book to read. Services like Kindle have made finding and reading of ebooks very convenient.

The web also carries thousands of children’s books.  If you have a book warm in your house, you can find free ebooks for kids. Here is a list of places(websites) you can find free books for your child(ren) to read.

Amazon Kindle:

There is a huge list of free Kindle books for kids on Amazon. A lot of websites describe the books and lead you right there. You can also do your own search on Amazon to find them.

Websites like A to Z Kids StuffProject Gutenberg and eReaderIQ have curated lists of free kindle books from amazon. You can read the description of the book title and the preview from the websites and the download link will take you to Amazon.  

Free Books For Kids

Be careful with these because some of the books are only free for a specific period or season. Make sure the price at amazon says $0.00 before you order.

You can find a full list of websites offering free and discounted kindle books for children here.

Here is another catalog of free books that is not Amazon or Kindle related. There is a huge collection of books in the ‘Young readers’  category. Choose the book, read the description and decide whether you want to download it. Download the free ebook in the file format you want. This should depend on what device or app you intend to read the book on. If you want to read on a computer or tablet, the pdf format is more flexible.

Free Kids Books:

This is another rich source of kid’s books. A very huge collection categorized into genres, ages and interests. The description will give you most of the information you need before the book can be read online or downloaded for free.

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