You Can Request and Pay For an Uber From Google Maps

If you have the latest version of Google maps, there is a new feature that let’s you request for a Taxi service like Uber, Lyft, Ola e.t.c. from right within the google maps app. You can request for a ride, reach your destination and pay for the ride without leaving the Google maps app.

When looking for a specific place or getting directions on Google maps, the ride-sharing tab will give you Uber and other Taxi options around that area. You can even compare Uber price with other companies and choose the best one for you. That’s the main advantage of using this Google maps feature.

On Google maps, tap on the new ‘ride-sharing’ icon.  Then you’ll see the Taxi options available there.  The most prominent will obviously be Uber given that Google has some stake in the company.

Tap on Request button to request for the Uber. You can also see how far it is away from you on the map. The estimate cost of the ride will also be indicated. All this information and functionality within your Google maps app.

You still need to have a pre-exisiting Uber account although you don’t need the Uber app installed as is with the other companies.

google maps and uber google maps


The complete Integration with Google maps is only for Uber. For Ola and other taxi companies, the ‘REQUEST’ button launches the company’s app.  Then the rest of the process happens there.

This is an improvement in Google’s never ending efforts to make Google maps and Uber as compatible as they can get.

Try this feature in Google maps and tell us in the comments section below what your experience was.  If you can’t find the extra icon,  you need to update your Google maps app. It works on both android and iOS.

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