How To Make a Homemade Stylus In 2 Minutes!

If you’re a tablet person, then you’re already accustomed to using a stylus; or maybe not. It just depends on who you are mostly. Most phones got rid of the stylus and concentrated on improving touch. Of course with the exceptions of flagships like the Galaxy Note phones.

So in case you loose your Stylus, or you just want to use a stylus on your smartphone or tablet that didn’t come with a Stylus, or you’re unable to replace you Pixelbook’s quadruple A batteries, you can buy one or simply just make your own home made stylus.

How To Make a Stylus

Most iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets have capacitive touch screens. These are touch screens that detect where the human body has made contact on the screen. Capacitive touch screens do not respond to plastic or random non-conductor objects being used on the screen.

When you touch your screen, the screen detects static electricity from your finger and responds to the touch. Styluses are made with that in mind. And we need to factor than in when making our Stylus.

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