How To Calculate Square Root With iPhone Calculator

How To Calculate Square Root With iPhone Calculator

Let’s talk about how to unlock a hidden gem and calculate square roots with your iPhone Calculator. The iPhone is a powerful device that goes beyond just being a phone. Among its many features lies a handy tool that can make your mathematical calculations a breeze – the iPhone Calculator app.

While most of us are familiar with using the calculator for basic arithmetic, did you know that it can also help you find the square root of a number?

Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply someone who deals with numbers frequently, finding the square root of a value is a common task. It’s especially helpful in fields such as engineering, physics, finance, and even everyday scenarios like splitting a bill among friends or calculating distances. Having the ability to perform this calculation on your iPhone can save you time and effort, eliminating the need to search for a separate calculator or use complex formulas.

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iPhone Landscape Mode

Begin by launching the Calculator app on your iPhone. You can access it from the home screen or the Control Center.

While not necessary, switching your iPhone to landscape mode will provide you with a scientific calculator, which includes the square root function. Simply rotate your device to the landscape orientation.

By default, the iPhone screen is locked to Portrait Orientation.

How To Turn On Portrait Mode iPhone Calculator

To enable Landscape mode, go to the Control Center and find the Portrait Orientation Lock icon. The portrait orientation icon is symbolized by a padlock encased in a circular loop with an arrow.

Make sure the option is toggled off to trigger landscape mode when you rotate your iPhone. It should notify that Portrait Orientation Lock: Off.

How To Enable Landscape Mode On iPhone Calculator

Calculate Square Root With iPhone Calculator

In the calculator’s number pad, type the value for which you want to find the square root. Make sure to enter the number correctly to avoid any mistakes in the calculation.

Now, look for the square root symbol 2√x on the calculator’s interface. On the scientific calculator, it is usually located to the left of the numerical display. Tap the square root symbol, and the iPhone Calculator will instantly compute the square root of the entered value.

Square Root Button With iPhone Calculator

Alternatively, you can tap on the square root button 2√x first, followed by the number and then the equals button ONCE. This will also give you the square root of the number. If you tap on the equals button more than once, the answer will be the square root of the number on an infinite loop.

How To Calculate Square Root With iPhone Calculator

Depending on your requirement, you might need to round off the square root to a specific number of decimal places. To do this, use the rounding function of the calculator or simply take note of the required precision.

The beauty of using the iPhone Calculator is that you can perform further calculations with the square root result if needed. For instance, you can multiply the square root by another number or raise it to a power right on the same calculator screen.

You can even calculate the square root of the answer on a loop, as many times as you want.

Tips for Accuracy and Efficiency

First, double-check the number you enter to avoid errors in the square root calculation.

Also, familiarize yourself with the location of the square root symbol 2√x on the calculator for quick access.

Finally, consider using landscape mode to access the scientific calculator, which offers more advanced mathematical functions beyond square roots.

So, the next time you encounter a square root calculation, reach for your iPhone and let the built-in Calculator handle the rest. Embrace the convenience, accuracy, and efficiency it offers, and let your iPhone become your go-to mathematical companion!

Disclaimer: The features and functionalities of the iPhone Calculator may vary slightly depending on the iOS version and device model. The instructions provided in this article are based on the standard iOS Calculator available up to September 2021.

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