Top 10 No Internet Games For Android and iOS

Nothing’s more annoying than trying to enjoy your most favorite Smartphone games and realizing you can’t, because you do not have an internet connection. Sadly, today more and more mobile games need an internet connection to play, even if you do not want to use the internet features.

That said, there’re still many free No internet connection games that do not need internet available on iOS and Android. If you’re not trying to ply the dinosaur game on chrome, there are various internet games that don’t require an internet connection. In this article, we shall be reviewing the very best internet game for Android and iOS that does not need an internet connection for you to have fun.

Top 10 Games With No Internet Connection

Fallout Shelter

Game-based on the widely famous Fallout series, Fallout shelter tasks gamers with protecting their individual population of nuclear disaster survivors. Manage your resources smartly to assist humanity to thrive once again. Fans of the games like StarCraft and Civilization will certainly love this simulator. This is one of the top no internet games you can enjoy without a data bundle.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

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Asphalt 8 is another game that does not require an internet connection. The series of Asphalt has become synonymous with phone racing games. The 8th installment features more than 40 new tracks to tear up with several new cars. Complete tough challengers to gain customize and upgrade your car. You can race opposite the A.I. without a Wi-Fi connection, but internet multiplayer mode is worth checking out since it allows you to race against twelve opponents at once.


no internet games badland

If you’re seeking an action-adventure no internet games that doesn’t emphasize blowing up stuff, Badland is the perfect game for you. The mobile games market itself as an action/adventure, but there’s a proper artistic flare involved too. Gamers are tasked to find out 1 thing that’s wrong with the forest in which they are living in. the game’s level design and the unique art style is among the best we have seen on mobile games. This game is awesome and you would love it.

Shadow Fight 2

no internet games shadow

For anybody who’s looking for a fighting, hardcore action game in which they will get to play the game the way they wish, Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing option. The mobile games are a classic 1 vs. 1 styled fighting game that’s built with some artistic value in mind. The animations are white and black with brilliance, and striking contrast against the complete of the background of different stages. There are many fighting style mobile games available, and gamers will also get to pick among a slew of weapons at their disposal.

Just after a while, Shadow Fight 2 became my own favorite fighting mobile game, and clearly one of the best no internet games for Android and iOS. The Game is free of cost on both iOS with in-app purchases. This game is unique and if you have been looking for fighting games with no internet, you may want to try this out.

Alto’s Odyssey

Keeping pace with its predecessor, this game is an automatic runner that replaces running shoes for a smart snowboard. Unlike the actual which fixed with conventional snowy Alps, games take place throughout many desert-themed stages. Stages contain randomly generated places to keep the game experience special. The star here’s is simplistic gameplay, which continually has a level of smoothness and joy it to very rarely seen in the famous Smartphone genre.

Plants Vs. Zombies 

The zombie craze looks to have come and gone, but the Plants vs. Zombies games remain hold up nearly ten years after their first release. If you have not played it, PVZ is a creative twist on the tower defense genre in which players have to defend their garden against a troop of vegetarian zombies. This Mobile game is free to download for both Apple Store and Play Store. This game ill wow you once you try it out.


A master class in minimalism, play dead’s Limbo is a completely unforgettable puzzle game. You play as a young kid, working via ominous environments rendered completely in shades of white and black. The puzzle range from clever mind teasers to inventive physics tasks, the star here’s the chilling atmosphere, which is an omnipresent and unrelenting force.

Swamp Attack

This game is probably one of the best off-the-wall yet fun mobile games for Smart devices. The point of the game is to defend your house and swamp from the creatures that are out there, zombies, crocodiles, monsters and aliens – with a number of weapons – including flamethrowers.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Where Asphalt 8th focuses on faster speed, high octane racing the need you to aware whole the time, Hill Climbs Racing 2 is a mobile game that tends to take things slowly. The game is basically built on a similar foundation as the Original Hill Climb Racing with much better gameplay elements. For anyone who’s in search of some no internet connection games for Android and iOS, Hill Climb Racing 2 gives hours of fun without getting superfluous.

Old Man’s Journey

In this game, an Old Man Goes on a quest to reckon with a life he has lived. This is his trip, but you can help hip out by clearing the way that he walls across. You move platforms, alter the contour of mountains, and prompt him to speak with folks along the way. In terms of gameplay, it is very minimalistic. But the main point here’s the story, elevated by eye-catching hand drew art. This one can be done on a short flight, but you will be happy to have enjoyed the journey as you embark on a trip of your own.


On the final note, if you have been searching for top no internet games for iOS and Android, the above list is the answer to all your search. The games listed above are the best mobile games you can enjoy without internet connection.

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