Ecosia: The Search Engine That Plants Trees For You.

Ever felt guilty for never planting a tree or not doing anything for our
environment? Sometimes you’re just too busy to do it and you don’t want to trust the self proclaimed tree planting organizations that ask for donations.

Fortunately, you can help to plant trees without leaving your office or home; and also without donating your hard earned money to NGO’s whose authenticity you can’t verify. Just search anything on the internet using this tree planting search engine.

Ecosia is a Germany based web search engine you can use to make searches just like you would on Google, Bing or Yahoo search. While all these companies make profit by showing ads on search results pages, Ecosia diverts 80% of all their profits to planting trees around the world.

The search engine is obviously not as advanced as Google but it does a pretty decent job for such a low budget browser. The keep information about your search habits like Google and also use that info for targeted ads. Some people are mad about this but I personally think it’s naive to be because Google,  Yahoo and Bing do this on a much bigger scale.

Ecosia. The search engine that plants trees for you.

Is Ecosia Legit ?

In the spirit of transparency, Ecosia publishes their revenue and they also publish then number of trees they plant each year,  In fact the search engine home page has some kind of a live counter.

To help plant a tree, all you need to do is use the Ecosia search engine to perform searches every now and then. If you feel like this means a lot to you, they also have a Chrome extension that can make Ecosia your default search engine in Google chrome.

So if you can’t go out and plant a tree for whatever reason, perform a search on this tree planting search engine.  Every search you make contributes half a cent to the organization. The more you search the more trees you help to get planted.

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