These Facebook Messenger Games are The New Toilet Games

Facebook has been bundling up a few ‘toilet games’ in their messenger app. The most popular Facebook messenger games are, and they are the basketball and football messenger games.

The messenger basketball game was launched in early 2016.  It’s an arcade style game where there’s a basketball and a hoop.  You need to flick the basketball towards the hoop to get points.

Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

To get started, launch the messenger app on your device and send someone the basketball emoji. Then tap on the emoji you just sent and the game will start.

facebook messenger games

The game gets harder as you continue. The hoop will start moving making it a bit harder.  Then there will be obstacles and other emojis cheering you when you score. Your highest score will be preserved at the top right corner.  My current high score after three attempts is 13

Facebook Messenger Soccer Game

Later in the year,  Facebook added added the messenger soccer game. It starts just the same way as the basketball game starts. First send the soccer emoji to someone. Then tap on the sent emoji and the game will begin.

The soccer game is about juggling the ball by tapping on it before it falls ‘into’ the screen. Every juggle registers a point. This is harder to play than the basketball game which makes it more intriguing and challenging.  It took me a couple of attempts just to get 6 points.

facebook messenger games 2

There are other Facebook messenger games. About 17 of them available in selected countries. To access these games,  open Facebook messenger app and open any chat. Above the text field, you will see a game controller icon. Click on it to access the games. If you don’t see the icon, these extra messenger games are not available in your country.

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