A 24.9 Billion Pixel Image With Unlimited Zoom!

When it comes to photography and image processing, I’ve seen so much Technology that I had no  room left for more surprises. China is having none of it!

There’s an image that’s been going round of a 195 GigaPixel (1 Giga Pixel = 1 billion pixels) image that was captured by a Chinese firm. At first it was claimed that this image was taken by a Chinese satellite using ‘Quantam Technology’.

But those claims were quickly refuted and it was established that the image was taken at the top of Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai by a creative Studio called Bigpixel Technology Corporation.

That however, does not stop this Image from being the mind bending piece of Tech it is. You can zoom the image to a point where you can see people’s faces and even facial expressions.  Here is a link to the Image so you can zoom for yourself and see the magic.

Link to Image:  http://sh-meet.bigpixel.cn/?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0

This is how much you can zoom that Image.


I’m not quite sure what equipment or technology was used to achieve this but I’ll let you know on Twitter and Instagram as I dig deeper. For now, just zoom and enjoy. Also, share!

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