This Fitness App Will Actually Pay You To Walk

There are plenty of fitness apps on both the Google play store and the Apple store. These apps will track your steps using the sensors on your phone or fitness watch, find your GPS location and calculate how many steps you have walked or the distance you have covered.

This information is gathered and recorded by these apps so that you can see your progress and how far you have come with your fitness program.

Sweatcoin fitness app takes this a notch higher by actually paying you to sweat;  literally. This app,  launched in the U.K. is ready to pay you for the number of steps you are walking. After the app calculates the number of steps,  it will pay you using it’s digital currency called sweat coins.

You’ll be paid 1 sweat coin for every 1000 steps walked. The app has sophisticated software and trackers to make sure people don’t cheat. The sweat coins can be used to buy stuff from the in-app store usually selling fitness gear.

The company is hoping to be able to convert the accumulated sweat coins into real currency in the future. The app is getting very popular in the UK and users seem to be enjoying every bit of it. It appeared on product hunt some time back.  Here is a sample of the users’ feedback.


Currently the app is only available in the US, UK and Ireland.  You can get notified as soon as it is available in your country by entering your email address in the official website.

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