Sticky Notes In Windows 10 Review!

Sticky notes is one of those Windows pre-installed apps that made it to Windows 10. It really doesn’t come as a surprise considering how useful and light that little app is.

It lets you create and save notes, and literally stick them onto the desktop of your computer. So every time you look at your desktop or restart your computer, they’l be right there reminding you what you need to do. Kinda like real sticky notes.

Windows 10 reinvented sticky notes especially with the touch screen computers and tablets running the latest edition of Windows. Allowing users to write on sticky notes with their fingers or stylus with a natural handwriting.  This gave a more authentic feeling to the digital sticky notes.

In another Windows 10 update, the Sticky Notes got smarter with the addition of insights feature. The insights feature allows Cortana, your Windows 10 smart assistant, to interact with your Sticky notes and help you set reminders, call written phone numbers, send an email message, view web address, and more.

Insights In Sticky Notes For Windows 10

Open a sticky note if it’s not already on your desktop. Then click on the three dots at the top of a sticky note and select Settings. From the windows that pops on the side, turn on the ‘Enable Insights‘ switch. That’s all you need. Now all you need to write stuff on your sticky notes.  Here are some of the things that will ger the attention of Cortana.

Reminders: Cortana will be looking out for dates, time and words like Tomorrow, Wednesday. As soon as Cortana sees something actionable, it will be turned blue. Then you can click on it and you’ll be prompted to add a reminder for that with Cortana.

sticky notes in windows 10

Clicking on ‘Add Reminder’ will fire up Cortana. You’ll have to sign in with your Microsoft account if you haven’t.  Then proceed to add a reminder for your note. In case you forget to look at your sticky note,  Cortana will still remind you about it. Cool, right?

Insights will also do the same for phone numbers.  It automatically gives you a call button as soon as it detects it as a phone number. If you add an address to a sticky note, you can select that address and launch Maps to get directions or learn more about the location.

Insights will also do other impressive things like track flights if you write down a flight number on Sticky notes. If you’re into the stock market, you could write a stock symbol and Cortana will also track it for you via Bing. It’s really cool.

Besides Insights,  the interface of Sticky Notes in Windows 10 retains it’s simplistic theme.  One it has had for years. The option to change the color of your Notes is still available. But the range of colors is still pre determined and very limited;  Not a big deal for me anyway.

But Sticky Notes in conclusion, remains one of the most underrated but extremely useful and intuitive applications on Windows 10. The only downside is that it’s not multi platform;  that would have been great. But still, 10/10 for Sticky Notes In Windows 10.

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