What is YouTube Video ID?

YouTube has millions of videos and thousands being uploaded every minute around the world.  Each and every video on the platform has a unique identifier called the YouTube video ID.

youtube video id

Every video on YouTube has a video ID.  The Video Id is public as long as the video has been listed as public.  This means that you can see the Video ID of any video on YouTube. It can be easily extracted from the video url on YouTube.


How To Extract Video ID From Video URL on YouTube:

The url of all Youtube videos looks similar with three important sections.

Example:      YouTube Video ID

In the above example,

www.youtube.com/     is the first part of the url which represents the domain name of YouTube where all videos are hosted.

watch?v=  is the second part of the url which is standard on all YouTube videos being played on YouTube.

f_YIVaU85qs   is the YouTube video ID of that YouTube video.  The video Id changed as you watch different videos.  But the video ID of a particular video can never be changed unless it is uploaded again.

WATCH: How To Find YouTube Video ID

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