How To Easily Find and Watch Free Movies On YouTube

Video watching on YouTube is free and among the millions of videos YouTube is hosting there are plenty of free movies you can watch without any copyright infringement. Sometimes the problem most people have is finding the movie you want to watch.

Given that there are millions of videos on the YouTube website, it can be difficult to find the movie you want to watch even when you know the keyword. The movie could be hidden among Trailers, scene videos, parodies, mimics e.t.c. This might give you a hard time locating the actual movie.

To find the movie you are hoping to watch on YouTube, go to the YouTube homepage and search using the title of the movie. If you can’t remember the movie title, use the main characters name.

free movies on YouTube


On the search results page, click in the ‘Filters’ button to start filtering the search results.  As you can see in the example,  I have 4.5 million results for my search. Filters will narrow down the search results.

When you click ‘Filters’,  select ‘Movie’ under Type.  The results will now contain mostly movies and this increases your chance of finding the movie you are looking for.

free movies

Filter will show you fewer results and hence will show more actual movies than the unfiltered results. You can also add filters to show only movies in HD or 4K resolution inn the results.

Using filters does not mean you are completely free from unwanted results.  You might get some videos that will sneak into the results of your search and filters. Check the duration of the movie.  You’ll know a movie from it’s duration.

If you have a healthy 1 hour or 1.5 hours,  then that is most likely a movie.  For series, you should expect an episode to be between 30 minutes and 1 hour usually.  There might be exceptions.

NB: You will not find most of the recent movies on YouTube due to copyright issues. If you want to watch recent movies and series.  try your luck on other movie streaming websites.

Amit Agarwal, an internet geek has assembled a web tool  called Zero Dollar Movies that helps you search for free movies on YouTube. “The catalog includes a collection of 15,000+ movies, organized by their year of release, and new titles are getting added every day.”

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