How To Watch Netflix Lying Down. Netflix Flip!

Netflix never runs out of entertaining shows and movies.  And since this multi platform service can be watched just about anywhere,  sometimes you’ll find yourself wanting to when lying in bed or on the couch.

This is slightly easier on smartphones and tablets because the screen can rotate.  So you can lock the rotation and place the phone in the angle that’s comfortable with you. But you cannot rotate a laptop. You actually can but it’s dangerous for the laptop.

Fortunately there is a solution as usual on Webpro! Netflix Flip is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to rotate the Netflix show you’re watching to whatever angle you want. So if you’re lying on your bed horizontally,  you might want to flip your Netflix screen 90 degrees.

netflix flip

The extension is free to install and use. It also allows you to Zoom in and Out so if you want to see something clearly,  you can always pause and Zoom! This feature is mostly useful for people who want to watch Netflix while lying down.

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