How To Transfer Your Games And Data From PS4 To PS5

The best thing we’ve heard about the PS5 is the reverse compatibility with PS4 games. At least you know you’re not starting all over again.

how to transfer ps4 data to ps5

As soon as you turn on the brand new PS5, one of the options available to you as you set it up is to transfer your data from the PS4.

All you need to do, is make sure both consoles are turned on and connected to the same network. Then make sure they are signed in to the same PSN account.

Now you can follow the on screen instructions to transfer your save data from the PS4 to PS5.

PS4 Discs

PS5 will support all your PS4 discs, at least for the reverse compatible ready games. All you need to do is pop in your disc into your PS5 and the game will get installed.

PS4 Games On Hard Drive

If you ave any PS4 games installed on an external hard drive, then you don’t even need to do anything. Simply unplug the hard drive from your PS4 and plug it in your PS5. The PS5 will recognize and play those games.

Play Station Plus

If you have a Playstation Plus subscription, then you can upload your Game save data to the Playstation plus cloud from your PS4 and use the same account to download that data to your PS5.

USB Drive

If you have a USB drive, you can export your save data from the PS4 by copying it onto the USB drive, then plugging the drive into your PS5 and pasting that data there.

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