How To Reverse Call With Your Safaricom Number

Sometimes you’d like to make a call only to find out that you don’t have sufficient airtime. The reverse call initiative by Safaricom allows you to do so and the receiver of the call gets to pay for the call.

All Safaricom customers are eligible for this service and you can use this service even when you have insufficient or sufficient airtime.

The one making the reverse call does not earn any Bonga Points as they don’t get to use their airtime, which is how you earn Bonga Points

How Reverse Call Works

This service is strictly between Safaricom customers only.

The reverse call however, cannot go through even if the recipient accepts and they don’t have sufficient airtime or talk time.

The call disconnects if the receiver does not accept or decline the call.

This service can only be used when making local calls and not the international ones.

How To Reverse Call

Its pretty simple to make a reverse call.

All that you need is to add the hash sign (#) before the Safaricom number you’d like to call for example #07 XX XXX XXX.

As soon as the receiver received the call, they will get notified via an automated voice message that the incoming call is a reverse call and they can choose to accept or decline it. Currently, this is done by either pressing 1 to accept or 2 to decline.

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