How To Reset Your Roblox Account Password

Having a strong password on Roblox is very important, maybe you spent real money to purchase items and in-game content or to avoid being hacked. Sometimes you might be forgetful and you actually forget your password or you’ve grown tired of your old password.

In case you forgot your password, there are certain steps you need to follow in order to reset and change it. In the guide, I will explain how to do it using your email address and phone number.

Reset Roblox Password Using Email Address

This is easier because you don’t need much, just make sure you have a valid email address and you’ve added it in your Roblox account.

Open the Roblox login screen on your browser and select the forgot your password or username option. On the password section, type in your email address ( should be a valid email) and click on Submit.

How to reset password

Now login to your email account and check for the mail. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder. From the email, click on the Reset Password button.

In case you have multiple accounts, you need to choose the one that you want to reset the password for. Type in your new password and click on Submit and the changes will be applied .

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Reset Password using Phone Number

If you’ve added a phone number to your Roblox account, you can also use this method to reset your password.

First, open the Roblox login page and click on Forget username or password. Click on Use phone number to reset password, choose your country code and type in your number. Hit submit once done.

How to reset password

You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit number on your phone. Type in the number on the field and click on Verify. 

Now, type in your new password and make sure to confirm it. Once done, hit submit to save the changes. 

After this, you will be able to log in to your Roblox account. It’s recommended to change your password frequently to keep your account safe and secure. 

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