How To Merge Facebook Pages Into One

If you have a Facebook page with followers that you don’t use, you can merge it with another page that you’re using. The followers of the dormant page will automatically become followers of the active page. It goes without saying, you have to be the Admin of both pages.

Facebook offers this merger service on the website platform under some fairly strict rules. If you prepare well for the merger, it will be successful.

Facebook requires that the pages you’re trying to merge should represent the same thing and even have similar names. They know users would hate to be involuntarily made to follow a page that is not related to the one they followed. merge facebook pages

But there’s a way around that even if the pages don’t match. Change the name of the page you want to merge into a name very similar to the main Facebook page. You can even change the page username to match. Then give it a few days or weeks before attempting the merger.

How To Merge Facebook Pages:

When you’re ready to actually merge, go to   and read the points to keep in mind.

Select the pages you want to merge and click continue.  Then select the ‘Page you Want To Keep’.  This page will have likes from the other page you’re merging. Confirm the page you’re keeping and click on ‘Request Merge’ in the next window.

merge facebook pages into one

You’ll have to wait for the process to happen in the background. Facebook will notify all the users of the old Facebook page about the merger.

After the pages have been merged, the followers of the old page will be address to the page you chose to keep.  The page and it’s posts will be deleted permanently from Facebook.

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