How to Easily Identify a Song Using Your Computer or Smartphone

You are seated in a restaurant or an office and you hear a song you want to know more about.  What song is that? Whose song is that?

If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone you can easily identify the song you are listening to or listened to before.

For Windows 8, 7 and earlier versions, Midomi is an online tool you can use to identify songs playing in real time. Simply go to the website and click on the ‘Click and Sing or Hum‘  button at the top of the web page.  It will immediately identify the song playing.

If you heard the song a while ago, you can hum the tune of the song into the microphone of your computer and Midomi will identify the song if you hum properly.

If you caught the lyrics of the song,  use Google search to search for some of the lyrics.  Google will find the song for you from the lyrics websites.

For Windows 10 users, there is an extra option.  Cortana is a built in voice command service in windows 10 operating system.  You can prompt Cortana to identify the music playing in the background. Just say “Hi Cortana” into your computer microphone to activate it.  Then ask “What song is this?”  while the song plays.  Cortana will listen and identify the song.

Mac users can identify music using Shazaam. Shazam has made a free version of its song-identification app available for Mac users. You can download Shazam for Mac from the Mac App Store. It will identify and record songs being played so you can identify even songs that played a while ago.


Mobile Users:

For iPhone and iPad users,  siri is capable of identifying songs if you ask her nicely.  When the song is playing,  just hold down the home button and ask siri “What song is playing?” Siri will search online for the song and give you back your answer.

Shazam is also a very useful application for identifying songs for Android and Apple users.  The app will use your device mouthpiece to listen to songs and search online for that song.

SoundHound,  like Shazam,  is also for Android and Apple users.  Install the applicationon your device and launch it when you hear a song you want to know more about.

The Google Now feature on Android phones also identifies songs online.  Initialize it and ask ‘What song is this?’ while the song is playing in the background.

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