How To Send Software Through Gmail

If you have tried,  then you already know Gmail will not allow you to send any software or application through their service.  This might inconvenience you but Google know exactly why the don’t allow it.

A lot of malicious software and malware used to be sent via email. When unsuspecting email recipients open these emails, these programs or malware automatically start running in your computer doing whatever harm they were sent to do.

Gmail will easily detect software because all software that run in windows operating systems must have a .exe extension.  Therefore, all .exe files will be rejected by Gmail. To work around this,  change the extrension of the file (software)  you are sending to something other than .exe

For example:  If you want to send a piece of software called software.exe to a friend via Gmail,  change the extension of that software to software.pdf and Gmail will consider that file an image file. ou can use any other extension that is not a software extension.

You have to inform the recipient of the file to change the extension back to software.exe for it to run in his/her computer.

That’s the simple trick you can use to send software via Gmail.  It’s easier to send software via Dropbox or just send a link for the recipient to download the software for him/herself.

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