How To Hide Best Friends On Snapchat

There are two ways through which you can do this. However, I would not go and label it as hiding as there is no express way provided by Snapchat to go about it.

Let me break it down for you.

Hide Best Friends On Snapchat

Best friends are regarded to be those contacts you interact with most on your Snapchat.

This would mean that to get these contacts off the best friends list, your best bet would be to reduce the amount of interaction you have with them.

Or you could increase your level of interaction with other people leading to their replacing your previous contacts in the best friends list.

Another way would be to block the contact you want off your best friends list. Once you block them, they will be removed from both your contacts and best friends list.

how to hide best friends on snapchat

Since the whole point was not to get rid of them entirely, you would then restore them to your normal contact list and that’s it.

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