How To Take Great Selfies Without a Front Camera Flash

You’d think by now, it’s a no brainer that a phone is as good as its selfie camera. With selfies becoming a big deal in our smartphones and digital life in general, it’s important that phones are made with front flash for the front camera.

The front camera flash allows us to take good selfies in poor lighting. Even the best selfie taker and the most photogenic person will struggle to produce good selfies in poor lighting.

It’s amazing that even recent flagships like the iPhone 6, 6S and Samsung Galxy s6 don’t have a front camera flash. However, the iPhones have a “front flash” built into the camera app. When you take a selfie, the screen turns bright white and illuminates light like the physical front flash does. That should do well to provide good light for selfies in poorly lit places.

front camera flash

The camera app on the Galaxy S6,  like many other phones without a front flash, does not have a flash built into the camera app like the iPhoneS. However,  there are apps you can install on your phone to achieve the same effect.

Selfshot – Front Flash Camera is an app for iOS.  People with older iPhones that don’t have the flash feature built into the camera app can install this app. The app will light app the screen to illuminate light on subjects you want to capture photos and videos of.  There are a few in app purchases to enhance your experience with the app.

illuMEnate is a similar app for android users. So if you have the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S6, or any other Android phone without a font led flash, this app is for you. Take your selfie photos and videos (vlogs) to the next level with good lighting.

There are also hardware solutions to the lack of forward facing LED flash for your front cameras. Some phone case manufacturers are aware that some big smartphone flagships are lacking front camera flash. They have designed cases with forward facing LED lights to aid selfie lighting.

Lumee is one such manufacturer will tons of phone cases that provide lighting for selfies on our smartphones. All their products are on Amazon.  Most of these cases have their own rechargeable batteries so they won’t drain your phone’s battery.

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If you don’t like cases,  you can find clip on led flash lights that you can literally clip onto your phone to light up your selfies.

Cyxus Round Spotlight clips onto your phone. You can even adjust the light brightness if you want. This gadget can also be used to support the backward facing camera’s flash if you don’t find it enough.

Selfe flash Lights like this one can also come in handy. The have a 3.5mm jack you can plug into your phone. When you launch the camera app,  the LED light bulbs on the gadget light up to give your selfie lighting.  Because if its nature,  iy can be used to support the back camera’s flash as well.

With all these options, you can take top class selfies without any excuses.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.

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