How To Get Free Extra Space on Dropbox

When you sign up for a free personal Dropbox account, you get 2GB of storage space. You’ll have to upgrade to a paid account to get up to 1TB of storage space.

Dropbox however, gives users gifts in form of free storage space to users for referring other users and interacting with the service features.

dropbox free space

Dropbox, being one of the best cloud storage services available, has many users dreaming of more than just 2GB of free storage space. Here are some of the ways you can get the free space rewards and significantly increase your free storage space.

Try Dropbox Business:

Dropbox business is a paid business package on Dropbox. Dropbox business offers up to 5TB of storage space.  Dropbox offers a 30 day trial period for Dropbox business. If you try it for the 30 day period, you’ll be rewarded with free 2GB storage space. You’ll not be required to pay anything if you don’t want to continue using Dropbox business at the end of the trial period; but you’ll still get the extra 2GB space.

Refer People To Dropbox:

As an incentive to encourage users to refer the cloud service to other people, the company gives 500MB of free extra space every time you successfully refer someone to Dropbox. A successful referral is when you refer someone and he/she actually signs up for a Dropbox account with your referral link.

For maximum free space which is 16GB, you can refer upto 32 friends. You can use social media, text messages or email to invite your friends and family to Dropbox.  Here where you can get the Dropbox referral link and social media buttons.

Complete The Get started Tour:

The get started tour is Dropbox’s way of introducing your To Dropbox’s basic features and settings. It’s meant to orient you into the Dropbox system. Usually people( me included) don’t go through these tours; we like to get to learn things on our own.

But if you knew you can get an extra 250MB of free storage space when you complete the tour, you’d think twice before you skip it again.

Follow Dropbox On Twitter:

Dropbox have a Twitter account and it’s giving users 125MB for following their Twitter profile. Going to and following Dropbox will not work. You have to do it from within your Dropbox account so that the bonus 125MB can be added to your account.

Click on this link while signed in to your Dropbox account. Authorize Dropbox into your Twitter account and it will automatically follow the Dropbox Twitter profile.


Give Feedback:

Dropbox has a ‘Tell us why you love Dropbox’  section where users give feedback to Dropbox.  Even if you don’t love Dropbox,  you will get 125 MB to give any kind of feedback.

Connect accounts:

Dropbox’s main strength is its compatibility with other services. You can interlink your account with Gmail or Yahoo; or both.  You will get 125MB free extra space for each. By connecting with your email account, you’ll be able to send attachments straight to your Dropbox account.

You can get all these options to add free extra space from this Dropbox page.

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