How To Enable LED Flash Notification Alerts On Samsung Galaxy A14

If vibration haptics and sound notifications are not enough for you you can use LED flash notifications to alert you when you have notifications on your phone.

To get these Flash LED notifications on your phone you have to enable them in the settings.  on the Samsung Galaxy A14 you can enable both the camera flash LED and also the screen flash for notification alerts

This can be enabled and customized in the accessibility settings of your phone. Also, you can enable the feature for some of the apps or all the apps.

How To Enable LED Flash Notification Alerts

Go to Settings

Tap on ‘Accessibility’

Tap on ‘Advanced Settings’

Choose Flash Notification.

Enable LED Flash Notification on Samsung Galaxy A14

From here, choose whether you wat to enable and customize ‘Camera Flash Notification’ or ‘Screen Flash Notification’ as shown in the video.

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