How to Convert Excel to PDF

Microsoft Excel is an excellent spreadsheet application from Microsoft. It’s vast spectrum of features and capabilities set it apart from competitors like Google sheets. As great as it is, you might find yourself trying to convert Excel documents to PDF.

Converting Excel to PDF prevents other people from editing your spreadsheet. PDF, as the name suggests is the best format for transferring documents. So before you send an important or sensitive spreadsheet, you might want it convert it to PDF. PDF format also gives documents a professional look.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to convert spreadsheets from any application to PDF format. The method you use to convert depends on what’s convenient for you. Most spreadsheets have the xls or

How To Convert Excel to PDF  ( XLS TO PDF )

Use Microsoft Office:

If you have Microsoft office 2010 on wards,  there is a built in tool to convert the Excel document to PDF. All you need to do is open the spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel, then click on the File Menu.

Select Save As (Excel 2010) or ‘Export’ for later versions of Excel. From the Save As menu in Excel 2010, click on PDF and follow the on screen instructions to create a PDF document.

From the ‘Export’ menu in later versions, click on PDF/XPS and follow on screen instructions to export the spreadsheet into a PDF document.

Use Google Sheets:

Google docs is a document processing tool created by Google. It’s divided into Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google sheets creates, edits and manipulates spreadsheets. It’s very convenient because it work online from the browser and everything is saved in your Google drive account in real time.

Google sheets can convert XLS documents to PDF without any trouble. Simple open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Click on the File menu and select ‘Download As’ then select ‘PDF document’.

The spreadsheet will be exported as a pdf document and saved onto your computer. The original spreadsheet will be kept in the xls format in your Google drive account.

Use Online Excel to PDF Converters:

There’s a plethora of online tools you can use to convert documents from Excel to PDF. Just like with Google sheets,  you need internet connection for this. All you need to do is open the web tool,  upload your Excel document and have it converted to PDF format. Here is a list of some free online Excel To Pdf converters.

Use Excel To PDF Conversion Software:

There are also software applications you can use to convert xls to pdf. Some are free while some require you to part with some mullah. Adobe Acrobat is probably the best in this field but it’as a paid app. There are also other application like PrimoPDF that will get the job done without too much trouble.

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