How To Connect External Hard Drive To Samsung Galaxy A14

You can connect an external hard drive to your Samsung Galaxy A14. On Samsung Galaxy A14, no USB port can be used to connect your hard drive. However, you can use an adapter that can help you successfully connect the external drive.

You can transfer files between the phone and the USB drive when connected. After you’re done, you can safely eject the hard drive from your device. The steps illustrated in the article below will help you know how to connect an external hard drive from your Samsung Galaxy A14.

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Connect External Hard Drive To Samsung Galaxy A14

As mentioned above, you need to have an adapter. The adapter that you’ll use is the USB to Type C adapter.

First, connect the USB to Type C adapter on your Samsung Galaxy A14. Next, plug your external hard drive into the female connector of the OTG adapter. When connected, the file explorer on your phone should automatically pop up.

At this point, if the file explorer doesn’t pop up, swipe from the top of the Samsung A14 to access the notification shade. At this point, you’ll see the notification that it’s successfully connected. Afterward, you can transfer files and folders between your Samsung Galaxy A14 and the external hard drive.

That’s it. As long as the flash drive is connected, you’ll be able to access the files on your external hard drive. But be careful not to remove your external hard disk while in use or when transferring files. If you encounter any problems, let me know in the comment section below. If you found the article helpful, consider sharing it with your friends.

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