How To Buy Playstation Games Using Gift Cards

One of the main problems I’ve encountered as a Playstation gamer based in Kenya, is the lack of recognition by the PSN.

Even when you sign up for a PSN account, my country is simply not in the list of countries you can select for a personalized account. I’ve had to use a U.S.A. address.

That means, even when buying games from the PlayStation store, I cannot use my Kenyan VISA card to purchase because it’s simply not useable. That’s why I use giftcards to shop on the PSN store.

How To Get a PlayStation Store Gift Card

If you didn’t receive a PSN gift card from a friend or family member, you might have to go to an online store that accepts your payment method and purchase a Gift card.

I use Amazon to get me PSN Store gift cards (See On Amazon). The process is simple and you’ll get your in your Digital purchases immediately as shown in the video.

Tip: Always purchase a gift card of slightly higher value to cover taxes when making the actual purchase.

How To Redeem The Gift Cards

Once you get the purchase done and see the voucher code, you can now to your PSN account in an new tab, click your profile icon and select ‘Redeem Codes’

Enter the 12 digit code in the text box provided and put the worth of that Gift card in your PSN wallet. Just follow the onscreen instructions or watch the video below.

With the money in your wallet, you can now go ahead and purchase the PlayStation game you wanted using the wallet balance as your payment method.

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