How To Find Your YouTube Stream Key

When you want to live stream from your computer using OBS studio or any other streaming software, you might get asked for your streaming key.

The streaming key basically tells your encoder / streaming software where to send the feed, and since it matches with the key on YouTube, YouTube will accept that feed and live stream it.

Caution: Do Not share your stream key with anyone because that basically gives them access to stream from your YouTube account.

How To Find YouTube Stream Key

youtube stream key

To find you YouTube streaming key, simply go to and make sure you’re signed in to the account you intend to stream from. The click on the create button in the top right side and select ‘Go Live’.

This will open a live stream page where you can set up your live stream. Under ‘STREAM SETTINGS’ you should find your stream key. A string of alpha-numeric characters hidden behind dots.

You can click the ‘eye’. ison to see the key itself but you really don’t need to. You can copy the key by clicking on the ‘Copy’ button and paste it in OBS or wherever you want to stream from.

You can also reset your stream key if you feel like yours has been compromised or if you’re encountering issues streaming.

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