How To Buy Airtel Airtime From MPESA

Airtel is currently the second largest telko in Kenya commanding just under 10 million subscribers. They have different ways of loading airtime including the normal scratch to reveal cards and printed receipts.

But since most Airtel subscribers also have a Safaricom line in their Dual SIM phones (See on Scartek), the two rivals reached an agreement to enable Airtel subscribers purchase airtime directly from Safaricom’s mobile money service; MPESA.

In fact via MPESA, you can purchase huge amounts or Airtel airtime that you would not normally be able to in most retail shops. You can also purchase airtime for any Airtel number you wish to without limitations from the comfort of your MPESA balance.

how to buy airtel airtime from mpesa

How To Buy Airtel Airtime From MPESA Balance

If you have some money in your MPESA account and the number of the Airtel number you want to buy airtime for, then you’re more than ready.

Simply go to your MPESA menu and access the Paybill option. Then Enter the Airtel paybill number(business number) and the Airtel phone number you’re buying airtime for in the account section.

  1. Launch MPESA
  2. Go to Paybill Option
  3. Enter Business Number: 220220
  4. Enter Account Number: XXXX XXXXXX – This is the airtel line you’re buying airtime for
  5. Enter the Amount
  6. Enter Your MPESA pin and send.

You should receive an MPESA confirmation immediately on your Safaricom number and the airtime conformation in your Airtel line. It’s as simple as that.

How To Buy Airtel Airtime From Fuliza MPESA

Sometimes you might want to purchase some Airtel airtime buy your MPESA balance doesn’t quite match your desires. Luckily for you, Safaricom’s overdraft service Fuliza, can be used to purchase airtime.

This of course is limited to your personal Fuliza limit. So once you know your credit limit with the service, you can go ahead and use the credit facility to purchase airtel airtime following the same procedure described above. The only difference this time is that, you can only buy airtel airtime worth your Fuliza limit.