How To View and Delete Your Google Maps History On Android

You might be shocked by how much of your location data is being reported and stored by your Android devices.

To view your location history,  sign in to your Google account and navigate to the Google location history dashboard on your web browser.

To view your Google maps history from the Android app,  launch the app.  Tap on the Google maps menu in the upper right side and then select ‘Maps History‘.

You will see a list of all the places you have been to recently and as you scroll down wards you will see more and more places you visited in the past.

This history also shows places you have  navigated to and searched for on the Google maps app.

 Google Maps History

To delete an entry,  tap on the ‘X’ icon next to each entry.  You can do this for all the entries you want to delete.If you have too many entries, you can clear the google maps app data.

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