Transfer Contacts From Phone To Google On Android

We all need contacts at all times when using our phones.  If you are on Android, you probably know that you can save your contacts on Google so that they are available to you any time you are signed in to any Android device.

If you have not been saving your contacts to Google and now you want to,  fear not.  There is an easy way of moving all the contacts in your phone memory to your Google account.

Tap on Contacts or People depending on the device you are using.  Tap on the menu in the upper right side and select Contacts To Display. Choose to display the contacts in your phone memory.

When the phone contacts are displayed, tap on the menu again and select Import/Export. Select which contacts (Phone) you want to copy then tap on ‘Next’. Select where you want to copy them to (Google account) and tap on ‘Next‘ again.

You’ll see a preview of the contacts that will be copied from Phone memory to Google.  Select the Contacts and tap on the Ok icon to have the contacts transferred to your Google account.

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