3 Ways You Can Delete a Facebook Page From Your Android Device

Deleting a Facebook page is easy as pie from your PC.  In this article, I will show you three different ways you can delete a Facebook page from your Android device.

The page deletion rules are the same. You have to be the admin of a page to delete it.  Once a page is deleted,  it can be recovered in 14 days after which it can never be recovered.

Delete Facebook Page From Browser

Go to Facebook.com from one of the browsers on your Android device ad sign in to your account.  It should take you to mobile.facebook.com automatically.

Tap on the Facebook menu   in the upper right side.  Scroll down to ‘Pages’  section and tap on the page you want to delete.

Once the page is open,  tap on ‘More’  under the cover photo and select ‘Page settings’.  From the page settings, tap ‘General’,  scroll down and you will see the Remove page option.  You can now follow the on screen instructions to delete the Facebook page.

From the Facebook for Android app:

The Facebook app for Android also lets you delete a Facebook page. Tap on the Facebook menu  from the app.  Scroll down to ‘Pages’ and tap on the page you want to delete.

Tap on the ‘more’ icon and select page settings.  Under the genaral page settings,  you will see a ‘Remove page’  option.  Follow this to delete your page.

From the Facebook Pages Manager:

The Facebook pages manager is an app designed by Facebook for dealing with Facebook pages only.  If you have it installed,  sign in with your Facebook account details.

Select the page you want to delete and go to its general settings.  You will find the ‘Remove page’  option.

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