How To Share YouTube Videos From The Android App

Watching YouTube videos from your Android device has been made easy and fun by the ever improving YouTube app.  It’s free for download in the Google Play Store.

The app allows users to easily share the videos they are watching with friends.  You can share videos through text messages,  social media,  blue tooth e.t.c.

 To share a video,  start playing it using the YouTube app on your ‘Droid’.  tap on the share icon in the upper right side of the playing video.
If it disappears, tap on the video once so the icons can appear again.

The share icon might appear slightly different depending on the version of the app you are using;  but it’s usually between the ‘+’  and  ‘ icons. 

When your tap on the share button,  several sharing options will appear  for you to choose how you want to share.

Text Message:  This option will allow you to send a SMS to a friend containing the link to the video.  When the recipient opens the link,  he/she will view the video.  The recipient can only recieve this through a phone.  Local carrier charges stand.

Whatsapp: With Whatsapp installed,  it will be one of the priority options. The recipient will receive a link  to the video in their inbox.  Sometimes a snippet of the video will be seen.

Facebook:  Being the most popular social network,  Facebook will be among the options.  If you have that app installed,  it makes it easier.  Select the Facebook app. Then  you can choose to share the video with friends or on one of your Facebook pages.

If you have Facebook messenger installed,  you can also share the video to your friend’s inbox.

Twitter:  Again with the app installed,  it’s much much easier.  The app will allow you to either share the video to your timeline or as a direct message.

Google plus:  Most recent Android devices come with the google plus app pre-installed.  The option to share the video via Google+ will be there.

Other:  The Youtube app will allow you to share the video on many other platforms depending on the apps installed on your device.

NB: You can also share a Youtube video with a friend via Blue tooth.  Select bluetooth,  and pair with your friend.  The recipient will receive a link to the video on his/her device.

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