Old Videos Of Ridiculously Successful Tech Founders!

Normally when a man (or woman) is successful, we tend to concentrate on their current status and how much wealth they are accumulating seemingly having amnesia over the journey that they have come through to be where they are.

Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to look back at the journey, hard work and smart decisions that made the founders of massive Tech companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google who they are today. Maybe you can pick up a thing or two .

In this article, I’ll not take you through anyone’s journey. I’ll be showing you random old videos of these ridiculously successful Tech founders. Some of you will be shocked!

tech founders

Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, & Evan Williams (Twitter)

At $24.7B Market cap, isn’t it great that in 2019 we still can’t edit tweets? Anyway here is an interview that was held sometime in 2006, just 2 months after Twitter was officially launched. The founders talking about how they started and then a Demo of ‘How Twitter works!’ Incredible.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

You’ve probably watched the movie ‘The Social Network’ which is literally a documentary of how Facebook started. With the company now worth $138B and Mark himself worth a whooping $71B, here is an early footage from 2005 of a small boy with big dreams and a winning strategy.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google)

Google has been ranked as one of the best companies to work for in the world. That’s if you’ve got what it takes. Larry Page is, as of March 4, 2019, said to be worth approximately $52.4 billion.  Here he is conducting a meeting at the company headquarters in 1999.

Jack Ma (Alibaba)

Jack Ma has become a motivational speaker in recent years but that’s because he knows exactly what he’s talking about. If you see this clip of him pitching his idea, vision and plan of what is now a $90B company, you’ll want to listen to his motivational talks.

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs (Microsoft)

Believe it or not, Steve Jobs used to work at Microsoft before he founded Apple. Here is a video of him with the known founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Steve Jobs and Bill were hosting an Apple event in 1983.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

In 2019, he’s the richest man in the world! Even after a divorce settlement that made his ex wife the 3rd richest woman in the world! He wasn’t born with money. But he had vision that saw the future of eCommerce more vividly than most people. He built Amazon in his garage on 5th July 1994. Here’s an interview he did 3 years later.

Elon Musk (Space X, Tesla e.t.c.)

Elon Musk has a private Space travel corporation and owns the most popular electric vehicle company, Tesla. It’s hard to ignore a green energy champion in 2019. In 1999 Elon Musk was already being featured in Millionaire documentaries when he sold his first software to a News agency for $400M cash! He was only 12 years old then.

Jawed Karim (YouTube)

You’ll not see a YouTube video with an older publish date. That’s because this is the first video posted on YouTube by the founder as a test video for the platform. Karim was an early employee of PayPal and co-founded YouTube with Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

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