High Quality Professional Photography With Your Smartphone Camera

Phone cameras are great and they have come a long way since they were introduced more than 20 years ago. A decent phone camera especially the ones you find in high end smartphones like iPhone 7 or Android’s Google Pixel have crisp pictures with awesome low light performance, the color saturation is great and all those nice things you know about smartphone cameras.

But still, smartphone cameras are only good for your Instagram photos, Facebook and YouTube videos of your cat, maybe tech reviews, wedding photography and other events like that.  When it comes down to professional photography, no one will pay you for taking photos with your iPhone 7 smartphone unless you have turned it into a professional camera.

You can turn your already good camera into a professional camera with add-ons that are readily available in shops and from online vendors. Telephoto lenses and tripod stands can help you take photography and videography to the next level.

Telephoto Lenses:

Your smartphone camera is already very good but it has some limitations due to its nature.  Telephoto lenses are added to smartphone cameras to eliminate most of these limitations and leave you taking extra crisp photos and video.  Here are some of the limitations that prevent you from taking top notch professional photos and video with your smartphone.

telephoto lens for smartphone camera

Zoom:  You’ve probably successfully tried to zoom in a photo with your smartphone before. This is not really zooming. The zoom feature in your smartphone camera’s application is called digital zoom.  Digital zoom is fake! (You can take that to the bank.) Digital zoom simply stretches the image to make it look bigger and in the process, the quality of the image/video reduces significantly.

Telephoto lenses will use optical zoom which is generated by the lenses. The lenses will bring the image closer and allow you to take a zoomed image/video at the original quality that your smartphone camera is capable of.

Wide-Angle Shots: With telephoto lenses you will be able to take better wide angle shots.  The physical lenses are significantly wide than the lens on your smartphone and they allow you to play around with the focal length. The shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view.

This helps to allow more of the background image to be captured in your photograph or video. These are perfect shots for nature, food pics, large and group pics.

Find an external telephoto lens for your camera that work well with your smartphone and practice taking high quality photos and videos.

Use A Tripod Stand

It is highly unlikely for you to be able to take photos and videos without shaking at all.  It is even more unlikely if you have an external lens mounted on your phone. Tripod stands allow you to take very still photos and videos. The stability of the camera is very important.  There are tripod stands designed for phones.

tripod stand for smartphone camera

With these tools,  you can start practicing how to take professional high quality photos and videos for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube before you can spend a lot of money on expensive equipment.

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