How To find Friends and Add Them As Contacts on Skype

As much as you receive contact request from other people on Skype,  you have or will find yourself in situations where you need to look for someone and add them to your Skype contact list.

Before you can add someone,  you need to find him/her first.  To do this,  you need to be signed in to your Skype account on either the Windows, Mac, Android or Apple application.

Whatever the device or computer you’re using,  there are well explained instructions on the Skype website.  You can find the instructions on this Skype link.

How to add people to skype :

how to add people to skype

When the page is open, use the drop down arrow on the left side to select your device and get device specific instructions.

Tip:  These instructions are updated to match the latest version of Skype available for the different devices.  Although the interface doesn’t change much, you need to be using the updated version at all times to follow the instructions well.

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