How To Reset your Skype Password

If you cannot remember your Skype password, it means you can not log in to your account. Sometimes your account may have been hacked into and someone changed your password.

Reset Skype Password:  Skype has a mechanism of helping you recover your account using the information in your account.  You will recover your account by resetting your password.

Go to this recovery page using any web browser.  Enter the email address or phone number you used to register your account.  Click on ‘Continue’.

A code or link will be sent to the phone or email address you have entered.  For email users, you can simply click on the reset link. Or you can copy the code and enter it on the recovery page.  For phone users, enter the code in the recovery page.

NB: These codes expire after some time.  Use them as soon as possible or you will have to request for a fresh one.

Click ‘Submit‘.

A page where you can create a new password for your account will presented to you.  Enter your new password and re-enter it in the spaces provided.

You now have a new password for your account the you will use to log in to Skype on your browser,  desktop app and Skype for mobile.

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