How To Change Your Instagram Username

The Instagram username is a unique identifier for every Instagram account. It’s what the Instagram team and your followers use to find you,  tag or mention you in posts.

If you signed up for Instagram some time ago and you no longer want the username you’ve been using,  the process of changing it is very simple.

You might want to change your Instagram account as a sign of growing up,  if you want to re-brand or maybe because your dream username has been free’d up.

Sign in to the Instagram app on your Android or Apple device.  Tap on the profile icon to open your profile page.  Then tap on the ‘Edit Your Profile’  button.

  NB:  If you are on PC,  open on any web browser and sign in to your account.  Click on the Profile icon.  Then click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

Now tap(click) on the username and change it to whatever you want it to be.  Tap on the save icon at the top right corner to save your new username.

instagram username Android


Instagram will accept or reject a username depending on it’s availability and their registered trademark policy.

When accepted,  the new username will be active immediately.  Your follower and following count will remain the same.  Your new username will now appear in your profile and on your posts.


Tip: When you change your Instagram username, advertise it as much as possible and so that you’re followers can tag and mention you using your new username.  If possible,  create a new account with the old username and inform people that you have moved to the new username.