The PS5 Controller – Top 5 New Things!

If there’s anything good that’s happened in 2020, it’s the launch of the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. While both consoles are proper improvements, the PS5 offers something new; the controller.

Dubbed the ‘Dual Sense controller’, it really is something special from Sony; and it’s different from the PS4 controller in many ways. Here are the top 5 New things about the PS5 controller.


The PS5 controller looks and feels different from its predecessor. Its bigger and beefier design makes it almost as bog as the Xbox controller.

The bigger controller feels better in the hands and provide more room inside for improved internals. A bigger battery , better motors and better haptic engines.

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The aesthetics of the controller are also different. This time we get a black and white controller from Sony. The texture of the handles also feels more premium and comfortable in the hands.

So overall, the dual sense controller for PS5 is bigger, slightly heavier and for me, looks very next gen and i like that!

USB type C

This time, the PS5 features a USB-C port instead of the traditional Micro USB port we’ve had on the PS4. Since there’s not much data transfer involved here, the only advantage to this is faster charging. Also, it’s 2020 and USB-C is everywhere!

Built In Microphone

We always had a built in speaker in the PS4 controller but the PS5 controller has both a speaker and a Microphone. The speaker for one is improved, with better sound; but the Microphone adds a new dimension to the controller.

This makes sense since the controller is always in your hands. Gamers will not be able to talk to one another through the controllers. I’m not sure if this will hurt Sony’s headphones sales but it’s a good thing!

New Haptic Engine

Haptic feedback is always a big part of an immersive gaming experience. This is where the PS5 controller checks all the boxes. The new haptics inside the controller are incredible. DaveToDee took the word right out of my mouth here:

Create Button To Replace ‘Share Button’.

If you like to take screenshots and share replays and gameplay footage, you know the share button from the PS4 controller very well. Sony has turned the Share button on the left side of the controller to a mappable ‘ create button’ that you can use to do anything you want including sharing.

It’s still not clear at this moment but we expect the button to be able to start livestreams and do other things you map it do do.

Bonus watch: How To Connect The PS5 Controller To PC

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