Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S | 5 Main Differences

For the first time, this year Microsoft will launch two gaming consoles; The main one Xbox Series X which is the flagship, and the smaller Xbox Series S. 

Xbox series X vs Xbox Series S
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Sony is doing the same with PS5 but the only difference is that one has the disc drive, and the other is a digital version only.  But these two Xbox consoles are different. And here are the main differences.  

Disc Drive

Just like Sony, Microsoft has created a digital only console and that’s the smaller Xbox Series S. That leaves the flagship console with a Disc drive for people who prefer using discs for their games.  


I’m sure you’ve already noticed by now that the series S is much smaller than the Series X. Series S is almost 60% smaller than the Series X.

That of course is largely contributed to by the lack of an optical drive. Also, if you care, the series S is almost just about half the weight of the Series X. (About 4 pounds for series S and just under 10 pounds for series X)


The Xbox Series X is more powerful, has a better GPU, has more RAM, more storage……….basically, Microsoft went all out to make sure the flagship console stands out with a better spec sheet.

The differences might not be significant enough to affect actual game play, but still they’ve got slightly different internals. The Series X outputs 4K60, the Series S can only manage 1440p @60 FPS.


Color is usually not a big deal for someone who just wants to play video games; but for something that’s going to be sitting in your living room everyday, I guess color is something to talk about. 

The flagship Xbox comes in a matt black finish and it comes with a matching black controller. The series S on the other hand is white with a white controller.


Lastly, is the price, and this for me is the most polarising difference of these two consoles. Xbox Series X will be $500 while the smaller Xbox Series S will cost you $300.

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Will you be going for the X or the S? Why? Let us know in the comments below.

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