The PS5 Media Remote Control Hands On!

The play station is mainly a gaming console. But Sony always finds a way to make it double up up as a home entertainment unit.

You already know you can consume media from blue ray discs, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and many more right from your console……..and the PS5 is no different.

That’s why they made a media remote control for the PS5. It’s a white remote control with a black strip that goes all round. It’s meant to provide a more ‘remote control’ feel on the PS5 when you’re not necessarily playing games.

How To Set Up The PS5 Remote Control.

It’s very easy to set up the PS5 media remote control. It pairs via bluetooth. The first step is to put the AA batteries into the remote control. Then switch on your PS5 and use the dual sense controller to navigate to Settings – Accessories – Remote.

Put the PS5 into pairing mode and then you can put the media remote control into pairing mode by pressing the PS button and the Options button simultaneously until it starts blinking.

Then pair them as shown in the video above. You can also pair the remote to your TV so that you can use the PS5 remote control to switch your TV on and off and also to adjust the volume of your TV.

The PS5 remote doesn’t do anything special that the dual sense controller won’t do but it just offers a more comfortable way of doing things.

The remote control microphone isn’t working for now but sony says it’s ‘reserved for later’. No prizes for guessing what they’re up to.

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