This 1TB SD Card From SanDisk Has More Memory Than Your Computer

A few short years ago, we thought the idea of a 1TB SD card was very futuristic. SanDisk had other ideas. The growth of high-resolution content and capacity-intensive applications such as virtual reality, video surveillance and 360 video have fueled the need for this outrageous SD card that has more memory than most of our laptops.

Its the same old design with the write lock switch on the right side.  The only difference is the capacity.  A staggering 1 Terabyte.

1TB sd card

This SD card will handle anything you need it to once it’s available on the stores.  It’s likely to be a bit pricey given that the 512GB SD card is going for around $300.  The company (Western Digital) hasn’t shared with us the read and write speeds yet; whatever they are I don’t think it will matter at this stage.

This is a very big achievement that comes 16 years since the company unveiled it’s first 64MB SD card.  64MB in modern times is the size of one short video recorded on a phone with a modern day camera and resolution.

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