The Best Screen Protector For Samsung Curved Displays

Edge to edge displays have become Samsung’s trademark in their high end line of smartphones. These displays are probably one of the most impressive parts of these very expensive smartphones.

The fact that display is curved allows you to take advantage of the extra screen space but it also presents an extra challenge in protecting your screen from scratches and minor damage. Since the screen is curved, it needs a screen protector that curves with it to offer full protection.

Most of the manufacturers who pride themselves in making good tempered glass screen protectors are struggling to get it right with these curved displays.

the best screen protectors for samsung curved displays 2

There almost always seems to be a problem with the edges which is where the screen protector seems to come off.  Some use Adhesive at the edges which results in significant loss of sensitivity. That’s unacceptable! Others will shamelessly just cover the flat pert of the display and leave the curved edges naked.

However, there are some companies that seem to have gotten it right with these screen protectors. They make some of the best screen protectors for almost any smartphone out there.

Whitestone Dome Glass. The Best Screen Protector.

This screen protector is pricier than most other ones out there but for the value you get, it shouldn’t be too much. After all, you bought your phone at a very high price because you wanted the best smartphone. I’m sure you can spend a few extra dollars to protect your screen with the best tempered glass screen protector. Literally the best screen protector.

the best screen protector for Galaxy Note 9

This screen protector has scratch resistance rating of 9H (which is one of the highest) even at the curved edges. To solidify the installation and prevent errors like air bubbles,  an install frame and UV curing light are included in the package.

There also a limited time warranty in case your screen protector fails to work or install properly,  you can request for a replacement through their website.

Apart from the  awesome 3D curved edge protection of your very expensive Samsung phone, this protector also protect your eyes from blue light which isn’t good for your eyes.

The only issue with this screen protector is not really an issue.  It takes some time and patience to install it properly. So you need to be patient to get it right. And since you’re only doing it once, why not?

These Whitestone screen protectors are available for iPhone X,  Google Pixel phones and other smartphones but I’m here to recommend them for Samsung curved display smartphones mostly. smartphone. See them at Amazon.

the best screen protector for samsung curved displays


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