Here’s Why “Tesla” Is Trending on Pornhub

When self driving cars tarted getting better and more popular, there was a question of what drivers would be doing with all the free time on their hands. On Tesla’s website, it states that the autonomous technology is not fully developed and drivers should still be alert and keep their hands on the wheel.

But even that warning did not stop professional porn performer Taylor Jackson from filming an entire episode with her boyfriend inside a moving Tesla X.

Porn and Tesla enthusiasts are all united in scrambling to the website to see this clip. Tech enthusiast are concerned about safety while the other camp seems to like the inventiveness in the industry.

The video is said to have garnered millions of views and searches for Tesla on pornhub reached 3 million in a span of 10 days since the video was uploaded on 30th April.

tesla statistics on pornhub

Elon Musk obviously got wind of the new developments with his futuristic luxury vehicle line and had this to say on Twitter.

The video now has over 13 million views. I’m not encouraging anyone to go watch it though! Several people have lashed out at the performer and her co-actor for performing such a dangerous and ‘blatantly reckless’ stunt;  especially in light of the recent fatalities in self driving cars.

But the fact that she pulled this off and it became so popular is why the keyword “Tesla” is the hottest topic on porn websites across the internet. More videos of other performers in Teslas have also surfaced. We have not watched any of them! Lol!

Cellphones have already been responsible for about 2 million accidents every year. The last thing we need is accidents caused by people having sex in self driving cars. When the cravings strike,  you could always pull off to the side of the road. At least until the technology is up to task!

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