Father’s Day Gift Ideas For $5. It’s The Thought That Counts.

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It’s celebrated on 19th June every year. They say it’s the thought that counts.  You don’t have to buy him a $5k  wrist watch or buy him new tires for his truck for him to feel appreciated.  The most important thing you can do for him is spend quality time with him.

If you can’t spend time with him for whatever reason, you can get him a gift! A well thought out gift will be appreciated more than an expensive gift.  Trust me on this one! From post cards, warm whatsapp messages,  a new shirt of his favorite color…….Anything that shows you put some thought and time in is worth it.

That’s why we have Fiverr.  This is a website where you will find people that will do almost anything for (offer services)  your for five dollars ($5). All you need to do sign up on this page by entering your email address and following the on screen instructions.Then you can start making orders immediately. I’ve used the website for a while and I can tell you with authority,  it is safe and very industrious.  Find them at Fiverr.com


I have curated lists of professional sellers that can get you post cards,  Whatsapp videos, poems or anything you would want for Father’s day.  You can choose the seller you want to deal with.

Fiver allows you to communicate with the seller before ordering for clarifications. You are not allowed to exchange contact details with the seller and all transactions are done via the Fiverr website.

So here are the gift ideas sellers on Fiverr are willing to offer you for only $5 ! Go ahead and make this Fathers day special for your Father, Father figure or husband.

Post Cards:  Post cards are old fashioned but will be appreciated a lot by the folks.  It’s a sign that your’re thinking about someone.  You can even have the sellers design and send the post card to your Father from different placed of the world with your custom message.

Mugs:  Dads love their mugs, we all know that.  Get a custom made mug with any message or graphic design on it for him.  Tip: You can have an image of his portrait on it with a ‘Happy Fathers Day’ message on it.

You can find other gift ideas for that special man in your life in the ‘Gifts’ category of Fiverr sellers.  Make your order now.  Fathers day is around the corner!


  • Sign up for a Fiverr account.  Enter your email address here and click on ‘Free sign Up button’
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Go through the offers.  Read the offer details well before purchasing.  Check the ‘delivery time’  for every offer. Mostly check the ‘High rating’  and ‘Recommended’  offers for best results.
  • If you like an offer and you fully understand the description,  you can make an order.  Ask the seller for any clarification before purchasing.
  • Once you purchase, you will provide the seller with the info he needs to complete your gig.
  • You should receive your Gig withing the stipulated time.

NB: Sellers with good communication are the best.

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