What You Need To Know About Pokemon Go!

You’ve probably seen an unusual large number of people wondering around and staring at their phones like tourists. They’re playing Pokemon Go! currently the most popular game on the Android and iOS platform.  Here are a few things that will make you understand what Pokemon go is and why it’s so popular.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon is a very absorbing game designed for the Android and iOS platforms. It’s a huge improvement from the Nintendo Pokemon of the 90’s.  The concept is basically the same but enhanced augmented reality,  better graphics and of course improved functions and game play.

How is Pokemon Go Played?

Once installed on your phone,  you can start playing right away.  The basic idea of Pokemon is capturing pokemons and training them to fight for you.  In Pokemon Go,  the game uses your real life location from your GPS to create an augmented reality experience.   This is what makes the game so interesting and addictive. How To Play.

How To Download and Install Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store in some countries.  It’s free for download and install but like many other apps,  it has some in-app purchases to help you play better.  If it’s not available in your country,  you can download install it manually on your Android or iOS device.

Does Pokemon Go Know my Location?

Yes. The game is designed to use your GPS and get your real time location.  This is what makes the game offer players a virtually augmented experience.  You can however turn off your location if you don;t want it accessed by the game.

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