How To Connect Your iPhone/iPad To Your TV

Sometimes a bigger clearer display is all you need to view your photo gallery,  watch a video, stream online or play that game on your iPhone or iPad.  Fortunately,  there are two easy ways you can connect your apple device to your TV.

  1. Use Adapter and Cable

There is a cable that will connect to your Apple device on one end and through an adapter,  connect to your TV on the other end.  The end that goes into your Apple device could be for the  lightning port or the 30 pin port depending on type of device you have.

The other end is usually designed for the HDMI port on your TV.  If your TV is not that advanced,  you might get one for a VGA port.  In between,  is the adapter.  Switch the TV’s input to the port the cable is plugged into. Your TV will become a duplicate of the connected device’s screen.

2. Use Air Play via Apple TV

A more wireless solution to the problem is using Apple’s Air play feature.  This feature lets you transfer the display of your iPhone/iPad through the air with the help of Apple TV.

Make sure your device and the Apple TV console are connected to the same Wifi network.   Tune the TV to the port on which the Apple TV is connected.  Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad’s screen to find the AirPlay option. Tap on it, then select your Apple TV. Your Apple TV will start streaming whatever’s on your device’s screen.

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