The Retweet Function. Have You Ever Wondered?

Twitter’s retweet function allows users to easily share other people’s tweets with their own followers.  Recently,  Twitter unveiled the ‘Retweet with comment’  feature so that users can easily comment on the tweets they share.

retweetWith that being said,  there are several questions I’ve been asked about this Retweet function that have sent me back to the research center to do some digging.  You probably have the same questions on your mind.


How do I differentiate a Retweet from an original tweet?

A Retweet looks like a normal tweet but you will notice the retweet icon and a message ‘@username retweeted’ above the retweet.

Where are my followers’ retweets? 

When your followers retweet,  those retweets will appear on your home timeline together with all other tweets.

Can I see Retweets from blocked users?

When you block someone on Twitter,  you are literally blocking all their activities and hence,  you will not be able to see when he/she retweets. Even when they retweet a tweet from someone you follow.

Where are my Retweets?

If you want to see your retweets,  you can find them in your profile timeline.  They will be listed together with your original tweets.

Are my Tweets being retweeted?

You will get a notification if someone retweets your tweet.  Go to your notifications page and you will find all the activities concerning your tweets.

I don’t want to see someone’s retweets. What do I do?

If one of the people you follow is filling up your timeline with retweets,  you can choose not to see that particulr person’s retweets.  Go to his/her profile page,  click on the cog icon and select ‘Turn off Retweets’.  You will only be seeing that person’s original tweets.

Can I block all Retweets?

No. The retweet function is twitter way of promoting interactivity and sharing on the platform.  For this reason, you can only block retweets from specific people and not all retweets.

Can I delete a Retweet?

You can undo a retweet.  This means you can remove a retweet you made from your followers’ timelines. To do this,  go to the retweet and click on the ‘Retweeted’ link in the tweet.

Can I Retweet My own tweet? 

No. You cannot share(retweet) your own tweet.  If you want your tweet to gain more popularity,  you can sponsor it.

I can’t find the Retweet option.  Why?

You will not see the retweet option in some tweets.  These are tweets from people who have protected accounts.  This means their tweets are not public and therefore cannot be shared to the public.

I hope this has answered most or all the questions you had bout the retweet function on Twitter.  If you have any other question,  or had a differing experience, let us know in the comments.

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