How To Delete A SoundCloud Account

If you no longer want your SoundCloud account,  you can get rid of it by Deleting it and all it’s contents.  Your Information, uploads,  likes, favorites and any other data will be completely deleted when you delete your SoundCloud account.

Unfortunately for Android and Apple users,  your SoundCloud account cannot be deleted from the apps.  You will have to find a computer to delete your account.

Launch any browser on your computer and sign in to your SoundCloud account.  Then  navigate to the settings page:

At the bottom of the settings page,  is a ‘Delete Account’  button.  Follow the on screen instructions to have your account deleted.

NB:  SoundCloud is a German based company.  For this reason your data will be completely deleted from the SoundCloud servers shortly after you request to delete  in accordance to the German protection laws.  This basically means you will not be able to recover or re-instate a deleted account.

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