How To See Your Shazam History On iPhone

Shazam keeps a record of all the songs you’ve successfully ‘Shazammed’ over time. You can go back and see your Shazam history in the app.

There’s really not much you can do with your Shazam history besides going back to find something like a song or a memory it generated.

On your iPhone, your Shazam history is actually saved in your iCloud back up so you can still access it even if you change phones. As long you’re using the same Apple ID. You can also access your Shazam history in different Apple devices where the app can be installed.

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How To See Shazam History On iPhone

Launch Shazam app on your iPhone

Then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the ‘My Music’ menu.

You’ll see the total number of Shazams in your History there. (Mine are 591)

How To See Shazam History On iPhone

Tap on that number to open your Shazam history. You’ll see all your Shazams here grouped in months.

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