How To Reset Your PS5 Controller

There might be times when your PS5 controller is acting up and won’t even connect to the console or other devices. Since you can’t connect it, you cannot correct whatever problem you’re facing.

But you can reset the PS5 controller and make it useable again. A hard reset basically resets the settings and deletes cached data on the controller.

To do this all you need is the controller and a pin or SIM ejector tool. The controller also needs to be charged for this to work perfectly.

hard reset PS5 controller

How To Reset PS5 Controller

Turn the controller over and identify the hard reset hole. Make sure you use the correct hole. It’s round and next to the Sony logo.

Insert the Pin or SIM ejector tool and press to hold for 5-10 seconds. Release and remove pin.

You have successfully hard reset your PS5 controller.

Now connect with the cable to your PS5 and it should respond.

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